At Convincent Language Education it is possible to follow flexible private lessons.

Increase your language level in Dutch

  • Beginners/Elementary: from 0 (to A1) to A2
  • Intermediate: from A2 to B1
  • Upper Intermediate: from B1 to B2
  • Advanced: from B2 to C1

Prepare for your Staatsexamen NT2 & Inburgeringsexamen
(Nederlands als tweede taal)

  • Inburgering: Kennis Nederlandse Maatschappij (KNM)
  • Staatsexamen NT2, programma I (B1)
  • Staatsexamen NT2, programma II (B2)

Language level test center

Convincent Language Education offers uitgeverij Boom NT2 digital method independent language exams on language level A1A2 and B1 for the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

These exams give a reliable language level indication for reading, writing, listening and speaking on level A1A2 and B1. The language levels refer to the levels of the CEFR.

After the exams, the student receives a certificate showing the reached language levels of all four skills, including the scores.

test centrum