“Targeted, tailor-made, flexible and informal Dutch language courses ”

Language is something you use every day and always. You use it to talk, to read, to write, in private and in business. We teach and coach people who work or live in the Netherlands and who are motivated to learn or improve the Dutch language in an efficient and effective way. Our language courses are goal oriented, informal and flexible. We offer private lessons and group lessons for up to 6 participants per group.

Together, we will work on the Dutch language, culture and your personal development, putting emphasis on the pronunciation. Our main pinpoints here are the course members’ own responsibility and personal learning goal. We are open and fair about the attainability and practicality of this goal. If it is attainable, we will do everything within our powers to reach this goal within the agreed period.

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Our language courses and coaching are characterized by:

  • Hard work in a comfortable and informal atmosphere.
  • Dutch for use in both private and business situations.
  • Flexible and goal-oriented approach.
  • Quality and fit for purpose.
  • Improvising, humour, going the extra mile and discovering the Dutch language yourself.

Vincent B.J. Jansen
Convincent Language Education